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Institute of Geometry and Topology

Research projects, doctoral degree studies and habilitations at the IGT

The research groups of the institute:

  • Chair for Geometry (Prof. Dr. Uwe Semmelmann)
  • Research Group for Geometry und Topology (Prof. Dr. Michael Eisermann)

Workshops am Institut

Research Areas

Michael Eisermann
Geometric topology, Low-dimensional manifolds, Group theory, Algorithms and computer algebra
Andreas Kollross
Lie group actions, Riemannian homogeneous and symmetric spaces
Uwe Semmelmann
Spin geometry and Dirac operators, Geometric differential equations, Holonomy theory and special geometric structures
Year Name Title
2023 Alexander Thumm Cartier-Foata-Garside Monoids and Groups
betreut von Porf. Michael Eisermann
2023 Paul Schwahn Stability of Einstein Metrics on Homogeneous Spaces
betreut von Prof. Uwe Semmelmann
2017 Konstantin Heil Killing and Conformal Killing Tensors
Supervisor Prof. Uwe Semmelmann
2017 Anton Reiswich Minimal Orbits of Isotropy Actions for the Classical Root Systems with Simply-Laced Dynkin Diagrams
Supervisor Priv.-Doz. Dr. Andreas Kollross
2017 Iris Köster Sylow Numbers in Character Tables and Integral Group Rings
Supervisor Apl. Prof. Wolfgang Kimmerle
2015 Leo Margolis Torsionseinheiten in ganzzahligen Gruppenringen nicht auflösbarer Gruppen
Supervisor Apl. Prof. Wolfgang Kimmerle
2012 Andreas Bächle On torsion subgroups and their normalizers in integral group rings
Supervisor Apl. Prof. Wolfgang Kimmerle
2011 Jonathan Spreer Blowups, slicings and permutation groups in combinatorial topology
Supervisor Prof. Wolfgang Kühnel
2011 Steffen Poppitz Über Differenzierbarkeit 2-dimensionaler projektiver Ebenen am Beispiel von Schiebe- und Schellhammer-Ebenen
Supervisor Prof. Hermann Hähl
2010 Felix Effenberger Hamiltonian submanifolds of regular polytopes
Supervisor Prof. Wolfgang Kühnel
2008 Christian Höfert Bestimmung von Kompositionsfaktoren endlicher Gruppen aus Burnsideringen und ganzzahligen Gruppenringen
Supervisor Apl. Prof. Wolfgang Kimmerle
2008 Carsten Augat Ein Axiomensystem für die hyperbolischen Ebenen über euklidischen Körpern
Supervisor Prof. Hermann Hähl
2008 Thomas Schneider Realisierungen Hilbertscher Liniensysteme
Supervisor Apl. Prof. Markus Stoppel
2007 Tanja Dörfner Partielle Lineationen stabiler Ebenen
Supervisor Apl. Prof. Markus Stroppel
2005 Stefan Kohl Restklassenweise affine Gruppen
Supervisor Apl. Prof. Wolfgang Kimmerle
Year Name Title
2017 Dr. Anda Degeratu Riemannian Einstein Ends and their Infinities
2014 Dr. Mark Hamilton Recent results on smooth and symplectic 4-manifolds
2003 Dr. Martin Hertweck Contributions to the integral representation theory of groups

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